Fag Stop - Stop Smoking Now !  

Hi, my name is Clive, I am 61 years old and I started Smoking when I was 17, that’s 44 years... 4 years ago I was diagnosed as having COPD, that’s Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and told I had to stop Smoking. I was a heavy smoker smoking around 60 cigarettes a day at a cost of around £ 22 per day, “that’s £154 per week”. 

I had tried everything to stop, patches, chewing gum, I tried everything there was on the market, even E cigarettes, nothing worked and I was still smoking. 

About a year ago I saw an advert Stop smoking now 100% success! with a website address, it interested me and I thought I would have a look, 

I came to a website offering this same kit, they also offered a step by step method of using this kit that would stop me smoking and also a dedicated councillor that I could contact if I was having any trouble, I sent off the money and received the kit 3 days later. 

I read the method and started using the step by step instructions, I phoned the councillor just once and after 7 days I had stopped, I couldn’t believe it after all those years, I dread to think of how much I’ve spent over the years, 

I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes since December 2015,  with the money I have saved, I started this business offering the same product and services.

Fag Stop Kit

I am offering the full kit, which includes: 

  • Jomo lite 40 battery and tank , plus 1 extra battery,
  • 4 x 10ml liquid (Tobacco ) and
  • 5 replacement coils, a
  • USB charger cable and a mains to USB adapter plug,
  • the stop smoking method and a dedicated councillor.

Recommended retail price of the kit and method when sold separately is £109. 



Just think if you’re a heavy smoker like I was this kit will pay for itself in just 4 days of not Smoking. 

100% success rate.

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Plus lots more accessories !

100% success rate

Fag Stop kit only £69.99