How Do I Choose an E-liquid Strength?

If your buying a fagstop stop smoking kit we will send you 16mg/ml nicotine to start with, then you need to work with your councillor to get the right liquid for you, getting the right liquid is the key to stop smoking.

Here's A Helpful Chart That Displays Nicotine Levels:

  • 0mg/mL Nicotine This means that there is no nicotine in your E-Liquid mixture. Zero nicotine levels are usually ordered by people who have quit smoking but still have an oral fixation and use an electronic cigarette to satisfy it.
  • 6mg/mL Nicotine This level of nicotine is the lightest level offered. For people who wish to enjoy the smallest possible nicotine level while still enjoying a full E-liquid taste. This is commonly the last level in "stepping."
  • 12mg/mL Nicotine On the lower end of the spectrum, 12mg/ml is a comfortable level for people who prefer nicotine, but aren't heavy vapers. This level is also common for people who used to smoke light cigarettes.
  • 18mg/ml Nicotine This is the middle of the road in terms of nicotine. Most vapers who were former smokers enjoy this level because it delivers the perfect amount of nicotine in each vape.
  • 24mg/ml Nicotine This is on the high side of nicotine levels and is commonly preferred by people who were formally heavy smokers, It has a noticeable nicotine level that many former smokers enjoy. 

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